Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Time!

Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Happy Halloween! 

copyright Geri Shields, 2012

And just for funsies, here's me and Mr. E!  This was my Alice in Wonderland costume.  Mr. E refused to smile for me.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monster Monday: Werebear, the Origin

Around this time last year my niece asked me why my brother calls me "Ger-Bear."  He has called me this since I was little, and so has a great number of family members.  Anyway, Zach answered for me and told her that it was my nickname because I am, in fact, a "werebear."  Now, the werebear, so the legend goes, gets an uncontrollable hunger for pie once fully transformed.  Not just any pie, mind you, but a very special Razzleberry pie!  The werebear can be found either deep in the forest gathering berries or in the kitchen baking this magic pie.  If a werebear is spotted, don't fret.  Just offer it a nice serving of ice cream and, if you're lucky, it might just share a piece of its homemade pie with you, a la mode!

The Werebear          copyright Geri Shields, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mission Completed: A Blog and Shop for Karen

I recently helped Zach's very talented mother, Karen Kestermann, set up her own blog and shop.  I designed the banners and other elements using her original paintings. In addition to oil paintings she also creates whimsical mixed media sculptures.  The blog and shop still need a little bit of fine tuning, but that will come shortly.  It was such an honor to help such a generous and wonderful person.  All the best Karen!  Pop on over and see what she has to offer! 

Mission Completed: Fabric Salad

Aside from creating adorable things for you to look at, I also dabble in design.  The latest project I have completed in this realm is a logo design for the lovely lady behind the Fabric Salad.  Fabric Salad is a site filled with news and inspiring ideas for the eco-conscious quilters, sewists, and crafters out there.  Hop on over and check out what's cookin'!

logo design for the Fabric Salad blog.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Out and About: A Little Bit of Sugar Update

The "Little Bit of Sugar" painting has been listed for sale through The Flying Cat's shop!  Here's your chance!  It could be yours!

A Little Bit of Sugar, acrylic on canvas, 10"x10"       copyright Geri Shields, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monster Monday: She's My Vampire Girl, mystery solved

What tasty treat does this little vampire love most at Halloween time?  Candy apples, of course!  Prints are available you know where!  Happy Monday!

She's My Vampire Girl        copyright Geri Shields, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Feline Friday: Go Go Inspector Kitty!

Inspector Gadget was a favorite cartoon of mine when I was little.  Every now and then the theme song pops into my head and inevitably gets stuck there for days.  It is also a known fact that I sing to my cats and change the lyrics of songs to be about them.  I mean, who doesn't do that?  Knowing this, it is probably obvious that I do this with the Inspector Gadget song and now when it comes to mind it is the kitty version that gets stuck.  "Da-dada-dada, Inspector Kitty, da-dada-dada-da-daaaaaaa."  This happened today.  So, I give you the amazing Inspector Kitty, in sketch form.  Happy Friday!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monster Monday: She's My Vampire Girl

She's made of sugar, spice and everything nice, with a little bit of a bite.  What did she sink her teeth into?  Tune in next week to see what this little monster treated herself to.  Happy Monday!

copyright Geri Shields, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Feline Friday: Prints and other news

Due to popular demand, I have made prints of the "A Little Bit of Sugar" painting!  You can pick one up in my etsy shop!

In related news, I will be sharing a booth with Zach Kestermann at the District-A Arts and Music Festival in Pleasant Ridge this Saturday, October 13 from 12-5.  Here I will be offering the 8"x10" prints of "A Little Bit of Sugar" mentioned above.  In addition, I will have prints of all of my creatures from the Monster Monday series available, some in the smaller and adorable  5"x7" size. 

5"x7" prints!

Zach will have some of his classic Halloween prints available in smaller sizes as well!  It should be a good day.  Stop by and check it out!  Happy Friday!

some of Zach's 5"x7" prints!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monster Monday: Dark Night of the Scarecrow

"Dark Night of the Scarecrow," not to be confused with "Night of the Scarecrow," was a made for tv movie from 1981.  I watched it countless times as a kid, or so it seems.  This is one of the scary movies that has stuck with me through the years.  To a small child growing up on a farm, the thought of someone hiding INSIDE a scarecrow or a scarecrow coming to life was terrifying.  There were no scarecrows used on the farm on which I lived, but I always wondered if it would magically appear one night in the fields surrounding our house. 

A few weeks ago a friend brought this movie over.  I was stoked to watch it again!  Viewing it as an adult is far less frightening, but it is still a very bizarre and creepy movie.  Watching it again also put my mind at ease.  I now realize that the scarecrow only attacked those that did him wrong, so I have no worries of being attacked by him.  My fear of scarecrows has lightened just a bit.

In honor of this long lost movie from my childhood, I give you my version of "Dark Night of the Scarecrow."  He ain't so bad.  Happy Monday!

Dark Night of the Scarecrow         copyright Geri Shields, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

Feline Friday: A Little Bit of Sugar, the final edition

Tonight is the opening of the Sugar Skull show at the Flying Cat in Covington, KY.  My piece is complete, displayed and ready to be viewed.  I hope to see you at the opening, but if you can't make it, here's my painting in it's final form!  Happy Friday!

The Flying Cat
Sugar Skull Opening
Friday, October 5, 2012
713 Main St.
Covington, KY 41011
A Little Bit of Sugar, acrylic on canvas, 10"x10"       copyright Geri Shields, 2012