Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coming Soon...

I will be exhibiting new works, along side Zach Kestermann, in our Hybrid Moments show in September. Our cast of hybrid animals will be on display at The Flying Cat during the entire month. The opening reception will be the first Friday in September.

This my Narwhallaby, still in sketch form. I'll be starting the painting shortly.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I completed this painting a while ago, but was never happy with the way the land looked. Finally, I stopped kicking myself and decided to go back into the painting, which I NEVER do. It work, though! Now, I'm thoroughly pleased with the painting. No further reworking will be necessary.

In a Pinch

During May, I had a collection of photography on exhibit at The Flying Cat. Here's a small sampling.


These are my kitty caricatures of the art co-op members at The Flying Cat (yes, I'm the one with the pigtails). These adorable faces can be seen on The Cat's website!

The Tattle Tales

I was asked to do a poster and t-shirt design for The Tattle Tales!
The poster was for their Moon Glasses EP release show.
Here is the "Mustaine" shirt design.


It's been a while. The past few months have not been the most productive. My attention was needed elsewhere. Now that I have my time a little freed up, I'm going to attempt to update this thing.

I did manage to pull off an art show last October with Zach Kestermann. This is our postcard for the "HALLOW THERE!" show opening.

My paintings from this show can be seen under the heading "Hallow There" in my painting section on my website.