Monday, October 29, 2012

Monster Monday: Werebear, the Origin

Around this time last year my niece asked me why my brother calls me "Ger-Bear."  He has called me this since I was little, and so has a great number of family members.  Anyway, Zach answered for me and told her that it was my nickname because I am, in fact, a "werebear."  Now, the werebear, so the legend goes, gets an uncontrollable hunger for pie once fully transformed.  Not just any pie, mind you, but a very special Razzleberry pie!  The werebear can be found either deep in the forest gathering berries or in the kitchen baking this magic pie.  If a werebear is spotted, don't fret.  Just offer it a nice serving of ice cream and, if you're lucky, it might just share a piece of its homemade pie with you, a la mode!

The Werebear          copyright Geri Shields, 2012

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