Monday, August 27, 2012

Monster Monday: The Legend of Bandit the Ghost Clown!

This one will take some explaining...

YEARS ago, like the year after I graduated college, I did this painting:

1984, acrylic on board, 16"x20"

This will ALSO need some explaining.  The painting above is a portrait of myself on Halloween just before I turned 2.  While rummaging through some old family photos I happened upon a set of pictures from Halloween 1984.  These photos were, how should I put this?  CREEPY!  Yes, pictures of myself at 2 creeped me out.  Seriously.  I mean, just look at one!  Doesn't it look like something from a horror movie?  Like, I could see the child in this picture doing some kind of Michael Meyers stuff.  Horrifying!  (I didn't do anything like that, so it's all good.)

Me circa Halloween 1984

To this day I'm completely baffled by my outfit.  I have no recollection of this ever happening.  Further investigation of these photos revealed that my costume, well, at least the make up, was done by my brother.  I have it in writing.  My dad was good about dating and giving brief details on the backs of photos.  Thanks, Dad!

Ok, back to the painting.  I know I had a reason for doing the painting, but it escapes me now.  It was a personal project, so maybe I was trying to work some stuff out...or maybe I just thought it'd be fun.  Whatever the case, I was happy with the painting and it has hung in my living room since it's completion.  I mean, every house needs a weird clown painting, right?  I even had to fight my mother for it.  For some reason, she really wanted this painting.  REALLY.

As I said, this painting has been in my home for years and I'm sure it's weirded a lot of people out.  This was confirmed a few weeks ago.  I had stumbled upon the 1984 Halloween photos again and kept one out and placed it next to the painting, just because.  What can I say?  I do things sometimes.  A friend was over, just hanging out, when she noticed the photograph on the wall and was shocked to discover that the thing in the photo, and subsequently the painting, was me.  Her reaction to the picture and the painting inspired me to make my 1984 costume into this week's monster!  I redid the character, of course, to make it just a little less creepy.  So, without further adieu, I give you Bandit, the Ghost Clown!  Happy Monday!

Bandit the Ghost Clown.  Coming soon to front doors everywhere!

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