Friday, August 3, 2012

Mission Completed: A special painting and new prints!

A few months ago I found out that some of my very close friends were expecting their first child.  Congratulations Jon and Melinda!  Over the next few weeks I set out on a mission to create a special piece for their nursery.  The painting was completed well in advance of the baby shower and it took everything I had not to let the secret slip out.  The shower was held a few weeks back and the painting was lovingly received, along with an adorable companion painting that Zach did.  Now that the secret painting is safe in it's new home, I can share the image with you!  Here is "Ollie." 

OLLIE, acrylic on canvas, 12"x12"       copyright Geri Shields, 2012

And, because I loved it, here is the little number that Zach came up with for the nursery. 

acrylic on canvas, 12"x12"         copyright Zach Kestermann, 2012

Although the original "Ollie" is spoken for, I ended up loving the piece so much that I went ahead and made prints of it, mainly so I could keep a little piece of it with me, but also to share it with others.  The prints are now available in my shop.

Ollie 8"x10" print, available now!

Also newly added to the shop are prints of the painting "Big Rock Kitty Meowtain."

Big Rock Kitty Meowtain 8"x10" print, available now!

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