Friday, May 11, 2012

Feline Friday and Crafty Supermarket Recap

For starters, I just wanted to share a couple of photos from around the office of my day job.  As most of you may know, I had one office cat, found it a home, then acquired another office cat.  I feed her in the mornings when I get to work and then she either goes on adventures outside or settles down in the office for a day long nap.  After breakfast this morning, she disappeared and I sort of assumed she had gone back outside.  THEN, on my way to refill my coffee cup, I noticed something odd about one of the chairs around the conference table.  See if you notice it...

Who is she kidding?

I guess she did decide to stay inside, just not in my office.

Last Saturday I set up shop at the Crafty Supermarket!  It was my first time doing this one, and I was super excited!  I worked long and hard to complete a new painting to take to the show with me (see here) and new displays for my table.  Both displays turned out so great! 

The night before I did some mock set ups on my studio floor so I could figure out exactly how I wanted the table to look.  My sometimes roadie, Shannon, was over and helped me figure out the perfect configuration.  Thanks Shannon!  Also, as with any other project, the kitties decided to help out.  Mostly it was Mr. F, but Mr. E did show up to supervise.  Here is Mr. F posing proudly in front of the freshly completed painting display.

Here is a shot of the finalized display layout from the night before the craft show.  You can see in this picture Mr. E doing his all important job of sitting on a plastic bag and Mr. F doing, well, what Mr. F does best.  Thanks guys!

Look at him go!

The day of The Crafty Supermarket was so much fun!  Luckily, Shannon and I packed everything up the night before, minus the kitties.  So, with an early start to the day and armed with multiple coffees, we set off to the craft show.  Setting up the table display took a bit longer than expected thanks to tangled necklaces, but things did come together exactly as planned!  The table looked so good, if I do say so myself!

It was a busy day at The Crafty Supermarket, and I loved it!   I met some good people, made some good connections, got a pretty awesome shirt from the Wholly Craft booth, and had some AMAZING pizza!  Thanks to Shannon for being with me ALL DAY!  She's the best roadie a girl could ask for.  Thanks to Zach for stopping by and helping with the break down.   And thanks to everyone that was able to pop in and say hi!  

Happy Friday!

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