Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In the Studio: My Kitties

i have a couple of tuxedo cats.  These little dudes are very fancy and look very much alike.  There is a difference in size, but their patterning is almost identical with the exception of their faces.  i do get them confused sometimes if they aren't together and i can only see their backs, especially if they are curled up in little balls with all the white patches concealed.  But, there is no mistaking their faces.  Mr. E has a black face and nose and a white chin, and one ear that is partially folded over due to surgery he had a few years ago.  He also has this cute pink stripe on his lip, kind of like Queen Amidala.  Mr. F has a pink nose with a black dot, a white chin with a small black patch, and a big white patch perfectly placed in the middle of his black face.  Each also has their own distinctive meow, personality and play style.

Anyway, i was working on a personal project and i decided to incorporate their faces.  It was a lot of fun working on their digital portraits.  These will eventually be added to the project i'm working on, but for now, i thought i'd share them with you.  So, without further adieu, i present Mr. E & Mr. F.



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