Friday, July 8, 2011

Mission Completed: Foodies

i've been working on these food characters off and on for a while now.  Finally, i have two sets completed: veggies and sweets.  The veggies have already been made into button and magnet sets (available online soon) and the sweets will be following shortly.  Maybe, just maybe, there will be some recipe card sets in their future as well. 

i love every food contained in these sets, but i have to say that i do play favorites.  In the veggies, i adore eggplant.  i don't cook with it at all, but i love eating.  Sadly though, it is not my favorite.  Strangely enough, i have found a new obsession with broccoli.  A nice serving of broccoli, noodles and cheese is just amazing.

i have a major sweet tooth.  i blame this on my father who, more times than not, would end dinner with an impromptu dessert, and my grandmother who, in my eyes,  was a phenomenal baker.  Now, that said, it is safe to say that i would pretty much eat any of the sweets below.  But, one does stand out.  i do love a cupcake, but ice cream will always win.  i guess i'm biased.  i have a lot of good memories tied to ice cream.  Whenever my dad would pick me up from school, which was not often, he would take me out for ice cream.  Also, i worked at a fabulous, old-fashioned ice cream parlor for a long time.  So, yeah.  i LOVE ice cream.  i also do like a good sorbet.  Preferably lemon. 

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