Sunday, March 6, 2011


Yes, i have been slacking a bit. It's actually what i do best.  The weather may have something to do with it. Nothing really got accomplished this week, but i have been setting a few things in motion.  i got materials to make my own canvases (1x2's and quarter round).  normally i prefer to paint on wood, but i have a giant roll of canvas just hanging out in the studio and i figured it was about time i put it to use.  i'll keep you updated on how the canvas stretching goes.

i've also been working through a book about starting your own business.  It's had me doing a lot of list making, which i adore.  i love lists.  

In addition to the above preparations, i've also been getting quotes for t-shirts.  i'm hoping to get some printed in the next few weeks.

No actual artwork to show you this week (i'm keeping my sketches from this week under wraps for now), but foundations are being laid.  i guess for a "slack" week, that's not too shabby.

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